Be Well St. Patrick’s Day Party

Variety is the spice of life, and that is exactly what Be Well Portland served up at yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day party (Alongside some other delicious treats). Hosted by Bunker Brewing, located in Portland, Maine, this 45 minute combo class was the perfect kick off to the holiday, ensuring an optimal work out with the continued art of mind/body balance.

Hosted by the fabulous Crystal SeaverKait Johnson, both Certified Personal Trainers at Portlands boutique SHIFT gym, this class contained an array of cardio and muscle burning workouts, and what a beautiful burn it was. I am a huge proponent of equipment-free workouts, and this class offered just that. Featuring: Burpees (With a twist), standing lunges, core work, high knee intervals, and everything in between, this experience consisted of equal parts sweat, and support.

These ladies are inspiring and love the opportunity to motivate, and do so successfully, creating a comfortable and safe space for likeminded ladies and gentlemen alike to get a kick ass Saturday morning work out in. The awesome tunes were an added contributor to getting my booty into gear. I’m quite certain that I could conquer the world with this as my daily anthem. Can I get a copy of that playlist?

In revisiting balance, Kait did a beautiful job of slowing us down in the second portion of the workout, while simultaneously building on the group’s strength and flexibility -Leading the class through the perfectly challenging, yet soothing Vinyasa Flow: Gracefully transitioning through various lunge and Warrior poses, Chaturanga, Up Dog/Cobra, and of course Downward Facing. We closed out with a brief Shavasana and returned to a comfortable seated position with eyes closed, Namaste.

Photo courtesy of Be Well Portland.

Following the closing of this energizing and rejuvenating class, Bunker Brewery offered up two of their signature beers, featuring both a Lager & a delicious Stout. The atmosphere of this brewery was spacious and had an elegant rustic feel to it. There was ample space to socialize, which is very conducive to making new connections with like minded people, just another added benefit of the events put on by Be Well Portland!

And we can’t forget the food! Mashed was on site serving up a delicious menu chalk full of scrumptious and fresh recipes all from scratch cooking, and served in a nest of Maine mashed potatoes. What’s even cooler? Mashed is a food trailer, delivering food all across Portland, and available to cater your events! Check out their menu and upcoming spots.

Of course, this would not be a complete Be Well Portland event without the notoriously fun and festive photo drop featuring brilliant sign props (As always), an all inclusive group shot, Be Well Portland Swag BagBe Well Portland & Sponsors Clothing – As well as a chance to win the Yogi Surprise Box!

And Be Well Portland is just getting started – Traveling throughout new and delicious restaurants and breweries just waiting to be explored, and even delving into the night scene: Offering classes with live DJs and all.of.the.lights. This vibrant combination of health/fitness and fun/socializing is the perfect addition to the Portland community. I highly encourage you to grab your mat, your sneakers, and a water bottle, and head on over to the next event. Bring friends/family, or even make an independent venture of it! These ladies are welcoming and of course, a ton of fun. Hope to see you there!


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